Wild Elephant Star – 100% Ultra Premium Natural Rubber Flip-flops

100% Ultra Premium Natural Rubber Slippers


PremiumFlipflops.com introduces Wild Elephant Star  brand, which represents strength and power of flipflops to meet the requirement of high quality durability premium rubber flip-flops.

  • Durability
  • Comfort

Born from the Natural Environment (Resource) and Return it back  to the Environment

Created from the natural materials on our planet, and after the lifespan of the slipper usage, the product will biodegrade and return to the environment.

Ultra Premium Quality Flip Flops! Best Price Guaranteed!

Exclusive export items…. Buy 100% Natural Rubber based Premium Flip Flops for Men, Women and Kids. 100% Natural Rubber Flip Flops produced in Thailand through premium quality Thai Natural Rubbers. Our Ultra Premium Wild Elephant Star Flip-flops are Exported to various continents and suitable for all classes. Best possible price for our Beloved Customers. We are committed to bring the customer the highest of durable and comfortable flip-flops.

Classic yet Modern! Mono Color Premium Quality Rubber Flip-flops

FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) Wild Elephant Star

Will it be Possible to customize Wild Elephant Star brand?

Customization is not possible, even screening is not possible the main reason being the slippers is made up of 100% natural slippers and the screen does not stick to the slippers. However, we can customize the slippers, where we can emboss customer logo, which requires invent in mold.

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