Men Rubber Slipper Collection

Men Flip-flops – Rubber Slippers, Sandals, Flip flops designed for guys

Men flip flops – Our variety of men flip flop, men slippers, men sandals are available for bulk purchase. All our men slippers are designed from 100% natural rubber. We keep developing new designs and types of slippers to meet the market demand. From full screen print to branded logo to embossed logo molded on the upper, lower and on the Rubber strap.

Our Men flip-flops are made into three different quality to cater the need of each market requirements. From value to money to ultra premium quality. Manufactured in Thailand Men flip-flops are made of Natural rubber  and are washable, shock-absorbent, Recyclable, eco-friendly and environment friendly. We offer multiple brand for Men and keep adding new brand and types of rubber slipper in our Men collection.

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