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PremiumFlipflops.com we are committed in providing the best possible Flip-flops to our Clients.

O E M  Q U A L I T Y  O P T I O N S

Ultra Premium Rubber Source
Premium Flip Flops
Standard Flip Flops

Natural Rubber Flip-flops, Natural Rubber Blended with EVA Flip-flops.

OEM Flip Flops! Best Price Guaranteed!

Exclusively for OEM Customers…. Buy 100% Natural Rubber based Flip Flops for Men, Women and Kids. Our Flip-Flops produced in Thailand through quality Thai Natural Rubbers. Our OEM Flip-flops are produced with attention to details as per our customer requirements. Best possible price for our Beloved Customers. We are committed to provide our Flip-flops as per customer requirements.

U P P E R  P L A T E

Upper Bubble Pattern

Bubble Pattern

Upper Square Pattern


Upper Rice Pattern

Rice Pattern

Upper Net Pattern

Net Pattern

L O W E R  P L A T E

Lower Pattern Net

Net Pattern

Lower Pattern Brick

Brick Pattern

Lower Pattern Line 1

Line Pattern

Lower Pattern Diamond

Diamond Pattern

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Sole Color Options

M E N  S T R A P

Sole Color 04
Sole Color 08

L A D I E S  S T R A P

Sole Color 05
Sole Color 09
Sole Color 10
Kt 17 1


Strap Color 02

U N I S E X  S T R A P

Sole Color 06
Sole Color 07
Sole Color 11

S T R A P  C O L O R  O P T I O N

Sole Color 12

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L A D Y  S C R E E N   L A Y E R  E X A M P L E S

M E N  S C R E E N   L A Y E R  E X A M P L E S

S L I P P E R S  F O R  O E M  C U S T O M E R S

FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) OEM

What is the standard size assortment for OEM slippers?

Size assortment for  OEM, depends upon customer requirements.

Please contact us at [email protected] or through our contact form to initiate the discussion. We are ore than happy to assist you in every phase of product development.

How are the slippers packed for OEM?

Normally, a pain transparent poly bag but can work on as per customer requirements.

Please email us at [email protected] or contact us through contact form for more information.

What is the Minimum Order Quantity (MOQ) for OEM slippers?

For OEM, the minimum order quantity will be 100 dozens per Color, where sizes can be mixed.

Please email us at [email protected] or contact us through contact form for more information.


Mobstar Flipflops Polybag

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