Synthetic rubbers are popular and commonly used for making vehicle tiers, yoga mat, flip-flops to name some common items. Synthetic rubbers are produced from polymers that provide properties that look like rubber. Synthetic rubbers are artificial elastomers that are byproducts of petroleum. Although made from byproduct of the of the petroleum the downside is that synthetic rubber is not biodegradable at all as it is made from inorganic materials. Synthetic rubbers do not break down, as microorganism is not evolved unlike Natural rubber which starts the process through oxidization.

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Automotive industries are fond of lab made synthetic rubbers to make tiers for automotive while we see the popularity of synthetic rubber in other industries. It is mainly in flip-flops industries we see different kind of synthetic rubber flip-flops being produced and are sold as rubber flip-flops. The popularity of synthetic rubber dates back to 1925 as the price of natural rubber started to reach to the peak and hence the lab made synthetic rubber was invented, to meet the ever increasing need for the substitute of the Natural Rubber.

Synthetic rubber flip-flops are commonly produced all over the world, made of man-made inorganic material produced in a factory. It is commonly used as an alternative of natural rubbers flip-flops. Natural Rubber despite being biodegradable, as mentioned in the para above, they are not available in abundant quantity to meet the ever increasing demand of the this Environmental friendly biodegradable natural rubber. To mitigate the issue of natural rubber products synthetic rubbers are commonly used to manufacture flip-flops. As it is a byproduct of the petroleum product it can be readily available. Thailand and its vegetation suites the environment for cultivating the natural rubber and hence we commonly see good quality rubber flip-flops manufactured in Thailand.