There are numerous varieties of rubber flip-flops that are being made available in the market. It is essential to understand not all flip-flops are made from natural rubber. Numerous slippers that are being sold in market are made from PE. So, let us understand  PE.

What is PE? – PE refers to Polyethylene or Polythene. It is one of the most common linear plastic being used today. PE chemically is well understood as (C2H4)n. PE are of different types HDPE (High Density Polyethylene), MDPE (Medium Density Polyethylene) and LDPE (Low Density Polyethylene). Read More about PE (Polythene) at Wikipedia:  PE is mainly obtained from petroleum or natural gas. These man made material are derived when crude oil is refined and the gases are given off.

Pe Pp Plastic Granuals 02

PE flip-flops or commonly known as PE slippers could only be made from Polythene combined with toxic industrial including butane, benzene and vinyl acetate. Both Strap and Sole of the flip-flops could be made from the PE. There are other types that are made from Synthetic Rubber and combined with PE granules to produce flip-flops. These PE flip-flops are very commonly made in China as there is a variety of usages of PE and China leads the PE flip-flops category. There are also PE granules that are combined with Synthetic Rubber to produce flip-flops that are also termed as rubber flip-flops. There are lot of confusion exist where many PE flip-flops claim to be eco-friendly but in reality they are not.

PE as we understand is made in laboratory and these PE Slippers don’t breathe as they are made from plastic. PE slippers are not sustainable and are not environmental friendly. There are common experience of wearing Plastic slippers (PE slippers), the foot tends to become slippery and are wet food beds or soapy experience while walking in PE flip-flops. It is a total uncomfortable feeling while wearing slippers that are wet or slipper on the foot-beds. PE slippers while wearing and walking leads towards greater tendency of getting the heated feet. PE slippers instead of providing comfort would rather harm your feet.

With this above note we would recommend you to wear flip-flops that are made from natural rubber.